Wedding Party

Bride's Side

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Alyssa Sihelnik

Maid of Honor

Alyssa was my big in AKPsi at Penn State. We connected from our first conversation (I believe it was about Finding Nemo) and have continued to get closer ever since. We saw more of each other once I started dating Ryan and visiting Philly more, and became very close once I moved here after graduation. From countless Penn State games (including some epic ones in-person), birthdays, Halloweens, and New Years to just chilling on her roof deck, I have so many great memories with Alyssa. She’s been there for me in good times and bad and I know I can be my most authentic self around her. I am so excited to have her standing by my side as my Maid of Honor!


Kate Almonte


Kate and I met through Ryan’s friendship with Adam (the best man). Since Ryan and Adam are so close, I was so happy that Kate and I hit it off and that we could easily spend time together as couples. Kate is a sweetheart so we got along right away. We spent countless weekends together at the beach and I think those weekends bonded us the most! I love how we have always been able to talk about anything and everything. Kate is the ultimate cheerleader and is always so excited when I have good news to share. I’m so happy we became such good friends.


Cleo Burton


Cleo is literally my sister from another mister and I can’t imagine a better step-sister. We have gotten along since day 1, which isn’t always the case with step siblings. As time has gone on we have only gotten closer. We always have fun together - it doesn’t matter if we are out doing things or just hanging out at home. Cleo is unapologetically herself and has taught me a lot about how to be confident in who you are. I may be the “big sister”, but I look up to Cleo in a lot of ways. I am so grateful our parents brought us together and made us not only friends, but sisters.


Danielle Finnerty


I met Danielle through Ryan as they went to high school together, but we get along so well that I joke that I stole her as a friend. We started hanging out in group settings, but then we spent time one and one and really clicked. In 2016 there was a US Men’s National Team Game that we tailgated at as a group, but she and I were the only ones without tickets. We went home and watched it together. This kicked off our long tradition of girls nights (usually with wine). Danielle is easy going and we always have fun when we’re together. She is an amazing listener, gives great advice, and is a wonderful friend.


Laura Peterson


Laura was my little in AKPsi at Penn State. From the moment I met her, I knew we would be great friends. Laura has such a kind, goodhearted soul that I was drawn to her from our first interaction. We went on to spend most of college together, from various classes and study sessions to movie nights with coloring books, to frat parties and formals. After I graduated we may have seen each other less, but we still managed to stay close through texting and skype dates. We always manage to pick up where we left off and act like no time has passed at all. Laura feels like a sister to me in the best way. 


Amber Thiel


Amber and I met in high school through mutual friends. We became friends and spent much of our Junior and Senior years hanging out. We’d relax in her parents' hot tub, go get frozen yogurt, and watch hours of our favorite TV shows - sometimes all in the same night! Since I’ve moved away from Colorado, we’ve been limited to snapchat and skype dates, but that hasn’t changed our friendship at all. It’s a wonderful thing to have someone watch you grow and change over time and still love you just as much. Amber and I have gone through some rough times together and I’m so grateful she’s in my life.

Groom's Side


Adam Almonte

Best Man

I had met Adam beforehand, but got to know him well while pledging AKPsi and ended up being roommates with him our senior year. Thankfully, it was easy to stay in touch and continue growing the friendship after graduation as we both began our careers out of Philly. Eventually, he found Kate, and I had Kinsey, so our occasional hangouts of 2, became countless hangouts of 4, dinners, activities, and vacations together. I once thought our personalities would clash, but as they say, opposites attract. I’m glad to say Adam’s become one of my best friends and am thankful to have him as my Best Man.


Sean Flamm


I may be wrong, but I feel like I met Sean the first day of kindergarten. We go back nearly 25 years. What I do remember are the dozens of shared classes, playing youth sports and high school lacrosse, hundreds (thousands?) of hours spent on Xbox Live, 2 years as roommates at Penn State, a summer as co-workers, and many more memories. While many friends have come and gone over my life, for as long as I can remember, Sean’s been one of my best friends.


Kevin Maher


The day after Kevin officially became a brother of AKPsi, we left for a THON canning weekend. Stationed outside together for hours, in the Erie winter weather, we got to talking and hit it off, mostly over our love of video games. The following year, he joined Adam and me as roommates, and the rest is history. In addition to always appreciating a well-timed Other Guys quote, Kevin’s one of the most helpful and friendliest people I know… even for a Patriots fan.


Jimmy Millsop

Groomsman and Officiant

When I first joined AKPsi, Jimmy quickly became one of my favorite people in the fraternity. He has an ability to make anyone around him outgoing, and numerous times I’ve seen alumni brothers react to his name with a smile and admiration. In the decade since meeting, we’ve had countless great times, but none more so than the CRJ concert in 2015. I’ll always be grateful he convinced me on the meet and greet tickets. Jimmy truly brings the perfect energy to any situation, and it’s why we’re thrilled to have him as our Officiant.


Steve Perdoch


While I met Steve back in grade school, and we shared a friend group in high school, we really became good friends some years later. From the early days of shared classes and hours long Rock Band sessions to reconnecting after college graduation over music, craft beer, and the stock market, we can always talk each other’s ears off over our shared interests. Kinsey and I know any weekend we get to spend with Steve and his girlfriend, Maddie, will be a great time!


Lindsay Tweed


I was fortunate to meet Lindsay “Twinnie” early on when pledging AKPsi. Sharing the same Big, we quickly got to know each other, and she became the first person to truly make me feel welcome in the organization where I would meet many great friends and of course, my future wife. One of the most genuine and non-judgemental people I know, Lindsay was a shoulder to lean on but also a source of endless fun and inside jokes during the time we shared at Penn State.