Our Story


Full disclosure, Kinsey rambled and had way too much fun writing this page. This is your warning that it is way longer than it needs to be, but it was fun for Kinsey to write and reminisce.

How It Started


Our love story started with tweets about Spongebob. It’s silly, but 100% true. We first met in Fall 2012 because we were in the same business fraternity at Penn State, Alpha Kappa Psi. However because Ryan was a senior when I was a freshman, we didn’t interact much that first year. Fast forward to Fall 2013. One day, I tweeted out a line from Sponebob and Ryan replied with the next line. This started a daily trend of quoting Spongebob episodes for a few weeks. At this point, our friends suspected something was happening, but we remained blissfully unaware. 


Fast forward again to January 2014, when AKPsi was planning their annual trip to Niagra Falls. For this trip, there was trouble getting enough people interested to go, so they opened the sign ups to the most recent class of graduates. Ryan signed up to go, but unfortunately the trip was cancelled. He decided to still go back to Penn State that weekend to see his friends. Our friend (and now groomsman) Kevin invited me to come hang out with them. This was the first time Ryan and I were ever spending time together 1 on 1. It started out awkward, but we ended up connecting and the rest, as they say, is history. 


After that weekend, we texted nonstop and Ryan came up to Penn State the next few weekends. We went on our first date to Facia Luna in State College and started officially dating on February 1st, 2014.

The Proposal


Rehoboth Beach holds a special place in our relationship. Ryan grew up going down there with his family, and my first trip “down the shore” was to Rehoboth with him in 2017. We started to go every Easter and it has become a wonderful tradition we both cherish. Unfortunately, in 2020 we weren’t able to go at Easter because of COVID. As restrictions started to lift, we decided to spend Labor Day down there.

Ryan planned out a wonderful and romantic weekend and every day was fully planned. Saturday morning Ryan suggested that we check out Cape Henlopen State Park since we had never been. Now I was suspicious it would happen during our weekend down there, but I did not expect it to happen here. When we arrived at the park, we drove out to the point. He wandered all around trying to find a secluded spot where we could be alone, but the beach at Labor Day Weekend made that challenging. Eventually, we settled on a nice bench overlooking the point. We could see the bay on one side and the ocean on the other. It was a perfect day with beautiful weather. As we sat on the bench, we saw a cute old couple walking down to the shore. Ryan leaned over and said “That will be us one day”. We sat there enjoying the beautiful day and then Ryan slid off the bench and onto one knee. It was perfect, romantic, sentimental, and everything I had hoped it would be. We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating. 

The Next Chapter - 07.16.22


We can’t wait to celebrate our special day with you. Our wedding day is a long time coming but we are so excited to have our closets friends and family join us in Philadelphia.  We look forward to dancing the night away with all of our favorite people. 


We all certainly hope that COVID will not impact our big day (and hopefully will be a distant memory by next July), but we are monitoring the situation and will keep the safety of our guests at the forefront of every decision.